P1080837We believe that the best learning takes place when parents and schools work together in partnership. Our commitment to two-way communication with parents ensures that the lines of communication between school and home are open at all times.

We welcome parent involvement. Parents can become involved with their child’s learning in a variety of ways, as personal schedules allow, including:

    • Classroom volunteering: Assist in the classroom by helping students with special projects, preparing materials for the teacher, cleaning up, talking with the children about what they are playing or working on. Parent volunteers in the classroom make a deep impression on children. If they see that education is important to Mom and Dad, they know it really matters!
    • Special classroom volunteers: Often parents have a special project they would like to do with the children. Examples are showing how to make bread, showing tools you may use in your job, doing a special craft, cooking, sharing a little geology knowledge with the dinosaur unit, or telling a bit about your own cultural traditions. These contributions provide enrichment and add to our program.
    • Field trip volunteers:  Supervisory duties may vary depending on the particular trip. On some you may be asked to stay with a small group of children and usher them through the site, following a lead facilitator.
    • Volunteering on the Parent Council: The Council, made up of a group of volunteer parents, meets once a month.  All parents are invited to attend. The Parent Council is responsible for the school’s administration and program planning, in consultation with the Teacher and Administrator.

P1030819Parent Council positions are filled at the May meeting each year so that the council is in place for the start of the next school year. Any positions not filled in the spring are advertised in the school’s September newsletter. Parents of students who are enrolled for the next school year are invited to fill the following positions:

  • Chairperson
  • Supplies
  • Newsletter
  • Yearbook
  • Fundraising Coordinator

We also welcome those who may be interested in volunteering on the Board of Directors for the Dalhousie Community Kindergarten Society. Alumni parents along with anyone interested in supporting our mission is welcome can contribute!