• Kindergarten is funded by Alberta Education for children who are five years old by Dec 31 for the school year starting in September. They must also be considered residents of Alberta. There is no tuition fee for funded kindergarten students.
  • Additional fees for children who qualify for Alberta Education funding are a one time $75 registration fee and one time $120 program fee. (see below)
  • Note: Kindergarten-aged children who are delaying their funded kindergarten year, or taking a non-funded second year of kindergarten will pay tuition of $380 per month. Children choosing either of these options should not yet be 6 years old at the start of September. (Children who will be 6 are designated in most cases, to attend grade 1.)


  • Junior Kindergarten tuition is $380 per month for the 2023/24 school year. Rates are reviewed prior to registration each year.
  • Additional fees include a one time $75 registration fee and one time $120 program fee. (see below)
  • Final acceptance may be subject to be an assessment conducted by the Kindergarten Teacher to ensure program fit, and may include a visit to the child’s current program.


  • A $75 non-refundable registration fee will be collected at the time of registration. If some reason we are not able to offer your child a spot in our program, the $75 fee will be refunded to you.
  • A one time $120 Program Enhancement Fee will be collected by May 30th. This fee covers classroom supplies, special materials, field trips, or guest speakers that provide program enrichment and are beyond the curriculum mandated by Alberta Education.  The program fee is refundable with written notification of withdrawal prior to June 30.
  • Other small fees may be collected during the year to cover additional enrichment activities or lessons (i.e. to offset the cost of skating lessons, swimming, etc).
  • A $100 Volunteer Deposit fee may be collected from all families dated for September 1. The volunteer deposit is returned upon completion of a variety of volunteer options.