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We are adapting to changes required in our classroom due to COVID, and will post our 2020 – 21 Theme Calandar as soon as it is finalized!   Click here to see what our themes were for 2019-2020

General information:

  • For 2020 – 2021, our school hours are 8:45 am – 11:45 am. Please note we may have slightly staggered entry times for the start of the school year to facilitate social distancing. We will advise parents once these decisions are made.
  • We start school  Sept 1st or 2nd 2020 with split entry. All students will attend on Sept 3 & 4th. (Typically, the school year begins the week after Labour Day, starting with two days of staggered entry.) In August, you will be receive an email or phone call from the teacher to schedule your home visit and advise you of  your specific start date.
  • Classes typically finish by the second last week of June. In June 2021 we are scheduled to finish classes on June 17th.
  • All school supplies are provided by the school, including a personal set of regularly used supplies such as crayons, scissors, markers etc. for each student.
  • Parents are asked to pack a labeled small snack each day for their child.
  • We ask parents to provide a pair of indoor shoes that can be left at school, and that would be appropriate to wear for school activities. Each child should also have a backpack to use each day.
  • We spend time outside every possible day we can, so please plan to have appropriate clothes  and footwear available for your child every day. Yes – we will all dress in boots, snowsuits or ski pants, and mitts and toques in the winter!