Kindergarten Moves Online

Like all schools in Alberta, our class has transitioned (again) to online learning for what we hope is a brief period of time. What does online learning look like in Kindergarten? We miss being together in the classroom, but we are staying connected with hands on activities and you might be surprised at how much learning and fun we are continuing to have!

It is important that our program keeps moving forward with our student’s learning goals. We strive to provide continuity and consistency with creative activities that are engaging outside of the classroom setting. Activities need to be practical – able to be completed at home, and flexible. We know that our students need support and parents are under increased demands at home these days. What we plan will only be successful if it works for everyone! With that in mind, we provide flexible, fun learning activities and opportunities for our students to connect with each other and our teacher.

Each child has a kit from us for the week with supplies and activities. For example, before we moved to online learning, we hatched duck eggs in our classroom. Students kept up to date with videos showing the progress of our ducklings as they went swimming and did general duckling things. Numeracy, literacy, science are explored with a variety of activities. We explored the life cycle of a duck, wrote in our journals about a name for the ducks, and listened to a poem about Five Little Ducks. Then we counted the number of times we found the word “Quack”. Next week we move to talking about plants. Each child has received a pot, soil and seeds to plant at home, plus we will be sharing stories, and doing an experiment with celery.

Technology also plays an important role. Each day we send out two videos from our teacher (a story and a lesson) that can be watched when the time is convenient. Students can also have one on one time with our teacher via zoom, and each week the whole class is invited to together for a zoom call and activity. Work that children complete at home is shared through a secure app, and if approved, can be shared with the rest of the class. Content that is posted cannot be shared or copied by others. Our teacher and teacher’s assistant continue to put in tremendous effort into planning and putting their online learning plans into action. Combined with the efforts of our parents, kindergarten continues with our usual creativity and enthusiasm!