Our plans for back to school

Are you wondering how things may change in the kindergarten classroom? We certainly have adapted our program to accommodate new safety protocols, but some things will remain the same.

First off, we’d like you to know that we are excited about being back in our classroom in September. We feel we can best support children in their development by being together at school, and have been working through the summer to plan and prepare for the safest possible learning environment. We know that things will be different in our classroom this year, and we are continuously looking for creative options that will allow us to offer a great kindergarten experience.

We are grateful to have some natural advantages with our classroom setup, plus we have been making plans for further modifications to how we operate. We offer one class a day that operates 5 days a week in the morning. Our class is capped at 18 students, and we have an aide in the classroom to support our teacher. We will be entering and exiting our classroom by a side door that leads directly into our room. Our cohort is small, and we are the only cohort using our space.

We will not be mandating the use of masks for our students, as per the recommendation of Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer. If parents prefer that their child wear a mask, we will support them to do that. As per Alberta Education directives, our staff will be wearing masks when they are not able to maintain physical distancing with the children.

We traditionally learn and play outside as often as the weather allows, and we will continue to use our outdoor space and our playground as much as possible. In our classroom, we have simplified our layout to allow for a bit more physical space and will provide personal tools and supplies for each child as often as possible. When shared toys or equipment will be used, we will disinfect them or place items into isolation after use.

As important as it is to maintain a safe learning environment, we are also mindful that the mental health of our students is important too. We know that we will continue to make adjustments to how we do things. Kindergarten is a place where we explore, discover, and ask lots of questions, and that dynamic won’t change in our classroom!

We currently have spots available in our class. If you are still considering your kindergarten or junior kindergarten options, send us an email via our contact form and we will be in touch!