Changing Themes keeps Classrooms Interesting

Our community kindergarten plans activities through the year around various themes – our first being ‘Colors and Shapes’. To help learn our colours and build some anticipation of a special day, students are asked to wear the colour of the day on one day of each week. (“Yellow day” is definitely a sunny day in our classroom!)

Changing themes and new activity centers that follow these themes helps keep our classroom environment dynamic, and interesting. Changes in books, toys, activities and classroom decorations help maintain children’s natural curiosity to investigate and know more about many new things. These experiences enrich our in-class centers and activities, helping to further our curriculum goals in a very memorable way! Special days give the children something to look forward to, keeping children motivated and excited about their kindergarten experience. As the variety of experiences unfold through the year, children learn to love learning – a wonderful thing to watch develop and build in the kindergarten classroom.

In our classroom, we believe that academic concepts should be delivered in a very fun and hands-on way, with lots of opportunity for exploration and discovery. Having fun while learning will give the most solidly rooted and longest lasting foundation for a really good grasp of the academics. Our program follows Alberta Learning’s kindergarten curriculum, and uses very creative ways to achieve these academic goals. Children make astounding use of their senses when they learn. They instinctively want to touch, taste, pinch, pull, roll out, test out, listen and watch. They use these experiences to learn what they need for language, physical needs, emotional growth and amusement.